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Signs he wants you back.

  • He still calls you often?
  • He tells you he misses you?
  • He texts you all day?
  • He is all touchy toward you?
  • He has not deleted you from face book and still chats with you there?
  • He still comes around you place to come see?
  • He often asks you to on a date with him?

If you have answered yes to most of the questions mentioned above then chances are that your ex might just want you back so I urge you to please take the time out to read this article as the information contained in it is quiet vital if you are looking for signs of if he wants you back


Breakups are hard enough but what makes things even harder about breakups is when your guy seems to be giving you mixed signals of whether he still wants you back. I mean the frequent calls; text messages and even visits can make one question whether or not your ex still has major feelings for you and whether or not he wants you back.

I will first start by explaining the basis of this lost love spell it actually has been prominent all over the world since the ancient days and still continues to be the source of inspiration amongst many couples in relationship who would like to get sure signs or signals of whether their partner wants them back.


This lost love spell serves the function of not only getting your lost lover to return back into your life but it also enlightens you with visible signals that pin point that he still wants you back.

Due to this lost love spell having to have underwent many changes and development it now serves many functions and duties as a matter of fact it actually now lends a constructive hand in anything that resonates with love and relationships.

The exceptional spell doctor will perform his duties that he has been instructively been given by his spirits and he will ask that before you sleep at night that you also have a picture of your ex and omit these words “if you want me back then return back to me” say this five times.

Once this whole process has been complete your ex will return back and you will rekindle your relationship and the relationship will now have a renewed sense of love and affection that is indescribable.